• Constanza Paredes

    From Drill to Mill: Can MWD data predict process performance?

    15 November 2019 9:00am10:00am
    Some production blast-hole drilling rigs are capable of measuring and storing various operational parameters while operating (Measuring While Drilling data-MWD). There are a number of examples from the literature where MWD data is used to predict rock properties such as lithology, strength and fractures. This study investigates the links between the MWD data acquired in laboratory and ore breakage parameters.
  • Duncan Bennett

    A Simple Recipe Guide to Gravity Concentration

    8 November 2019 9:00am10:00am
    Gravity processing is the oldest large-scale mineral concentrating technology. It has been mainly superseded in the past century by technology such as magnetic separation and flotation, but remains a very important process for base metal oxides (such as tin and tantalum) and precious metals recovery.
  • Complex Orebodies Presentation Day

    Complex Orebodies Program - Presentation Day

    5 November 2019 9:00am5:00pm
    The Complex Orebodies Program is reaching the end of its second year of operation. This Presentation Day aims to provide researchers and other interested parties with an overview of the research programs underway, along with their outcomes and forward plans.
  • Advanced Process Prediction and Control Group (APPCo)

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in mineral processing

    1 November 2019 9:00am10:00am
    Over the last decade there has been a strong move toward implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in particular Machine Learning (ML) to improve the productivity of mining operations, enhance environmental and social performance and increase the health and safety of personnel. The mining industry is at the technological stage that we can develop a fully autonomous underground mine, integrate operational data for near-real-time decision making, promote the safety of people and control energy and water utilisation.
  • Iron Ore – Supply Chain and Minerals Processing

    25 October 2019 9:00am10:00am
    A brief overview of the iron ore market will be provided during this seminar, focusing on its nuances and the supply chain from pit to port in order to explain the driving factors behind the processing technology used for upgrading of low grade iron ore and magnetite iron ore to saleable products with the aim to identify areas for future improvement opportunities.


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