• Designer Tailings

    Designer Tailings: A Lifecycle Approach to Tailings Management

    Designer Tailings is a science and evidence-based methodology for generating alternate operating options for the desired environmental outcomes.  Through a detailed knowledge of the ore properties and processing conditions, and a mathematical simulation of the processing operations, Designer Tailings can predict the likely nature of the tailings generated, potential environmental liabilities and/or opportunities for reuse, recycling and reprocessing tailings.
  • Characterising and Predicting Tailings Seepage Chemistry (North QLD)

    Characterising and Predicting Tailings Seepage Chemistry

    There are three approaches to predicting seepage water quality: 1) field monitoring and tracer techniques such as stable isotopes, 2) laboratory column leaching experiments; and 3) geochemical modelling. A column study only shows how a small sample of tailings materials behaves over time.
  • Long Term Salt Generation from Coal Spoils

    Long Term Salt Generation from Coal Spoils

    The release of salts from spoil piles affects surface and groundwater quality particularly the quality of water in final voids. Current hydrogeochemical salt balance models either assume that the total amount of inherent salts in spoils will be released over time or often predict increasing project water salinity into the future based on site monitoring data from electrical conductivity measurements.
  • Assessment of Mineralogical, Textural and Water-chemistry Changes during Tailings-slurry Transport

    Porphyry copper deposits of the Andean rim located at high altitude require the transport of flotation tailings to lower elevations for their final storage due to lack of storage area within the Andean Main Chain and the need for geotechnical safe impoundments in seismic active part of the South American Continent.
  •  Elucidating the cellular distribution and pathways of nickel accumulation in tropical hyperaccumulator plant species

    Pathways of Nickel Accumulation in Tropical Hyperaccumulator Plant Species (New Caledonia)

    Hyperaccumulators are unusual plants that accumulate particular metals or metalloids in their living tissues to levels that may be orders of magnitude greater than is normal for most plants growing on similar soils. Discovering hyperaccumulators and understanding their agronomy could lead to identifying potential species to be utilized in novel phytotechnologies such as phytomining for phytoextraction of valuable metals.


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