CMLR postgraduate research students currently enrolled in a PhD or MPhil (and project title):

Our Current HDR Students are:

Name Project Title
Farida Abubakari Developing tropical zinc biofortified crops
Raphael Akesseh Geochemical and hydrological study of mine tailings and capping design strategy for proposed tailing facility system closure
Mohammad Boshrouyeh Ghandashtani Polymer amended tailings stability for optimum rehabilitation outcome
Tamar Cohen Re-imagining mined land: relating cultural and ecological criteria for the successful rehabilitation of mined land
Amelia Corzo Remigio

Management of Mine Waste through Geochemistry and Phytoremediation 

Bevan Roy Emmerton Bowen Basin Coal Mine spoil classification for improved mine rehabilitation outcomes
Vidiro Gei Elemental fingerprinting of the New Caledonian flora
Zhengdong Han Australian Red Mud Dewatering and Reuse In Wastewater Treatment
Maggie-Anne Harvey Development of selenium agromining in Queensland, Australia
Melinda Hilton Prediction of long-term salt generation from coal spoils
Amelia Hine Earthworks - envisioning innovative design solutions for the post mining landscape
Karan Jian Salt crusting and its impact on water flow
Allen Yunjia Liu Processes of arsenic (As) transformation in copper tailings amended with organic matter and As uptake by native plants
Adrian Paul Rhizosphere processes leading to nickel uptake by hyperaccumulator plants: shining light on the soil-root interface
Gabriel Perez Murillo Modelling transport and transformation of mine tailings
Lachlan Robertson Rhizosphere adaptation of pioneer plant species to metal mine tailing-soil
Mitch Rudge

The use of drones to conduct large scale vegetation surveys to guide mine site restoration

Pieter Swart The development of a standardised process for the quantification of residual environmental risks and the proposed treatment thereof at mine closure and mine lease relinquishment.
Roger Tang Using Zinc-Lead-Copper Metallophytes for Biogeochemical Prospecting and Mine Site Rehabilitation
Maria Cristina Vegafria The development and implementation of geo-environmental assessment tools for abandoned mines
Sicheng Wang Microbial community dynamics during remediation of bauxite residue
Qing Yi Microbial driven transformation of ferrous minerals in magnetite tailings for soil formation

CMLR PhD research students with submitted theses under examination